Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mr. X and Navia by [ZEX} @ Swank

Go along, go, go, go... no wait, Mr. X please follow me up the stairs...  it is a cold October night and I  need your warm arms around me as I  glitter in a new coal black gown spun with mica and silver... by [ZEX} called Navia that is an exclusive at Swank...

Mr. X is almost enchanted...  and why not there is magic in the air...we dance in the wane rays of the moon... spirits seem to roam free -- in the distance we see pixie's and sprites... elfs dash in and out...

Mr. X wraps his arms around me  and slowly runs his hands up this marvelous slit  up my right thigh... the moon indeed must be full!  Navia by Zex is availble for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and for classic avatars as well in fit mesh. It is easy to wear whatever body you have.

The castle is is the witching hour... as I always see you then --- and it is always midnight for  you...and  you burn the candles low... it is a time when black cats are seen... when the moon laughs and I whisper... Mr. X ... I love you... I think we are the longest love story in SL

Swank Exclusive -  
Dress -  Navia by  [ZEX}
Poses - Glitter - Hips
Swank LM -

Hair - Emo-tions - Mantus

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