Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mr. X & the Joy of Feathers.... NSP @ Swank....

Sometimes I am so old school that I am vintage... think 1920s vintage.  Mr. X and I think there is something so romantically elegant about vintage clothing  because it harkens back to the gilded age of the Great Gatsby. NSP, has a fabulous *new* 1920s  vintage dress-- Peony Vintage Feather  Macabre pkd. in red, black, grey and white that is an exclusive @ Swank through August 25.

In addition to coming in many other color packages with a hud, the exclusive Peony Vintage Feather dress with its feather hemline by NSP is  so well done and so much fun to wear... it tickles my fancy... and Mr. X's as well !  This  dress also comes with a feather fan perfect to help you keep your  cool  when blushing  from so many compliments. The Fan, flower and dress have a six color  changing hud and is made for classic and mesh bodies.

Mr. X adores the jeweled headband that is punctuated by  a feather spray and flowers -so vintage and just perfect to set the look.  As a matter of  fact, I just got a  message from Mr. X that  suggested we step out tonight... and go dancing... in my mind's eye, I see his smile... it is one of eternal assurance... that all will be well... eventually.


Exclusive @ Swank
Dress - NSP - Peony Vintage Feather  Macabre pkd.


Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina - Blossom

Hair - Sonatta Morales - Lulu - blonde

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