Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mr. X and *ISA D'ORABLE* - Africa and Indira @ Aug. Swank

I remember the murky morning  when the dreaded Hyksos reached my beloved Kemit now known as Egypt and nearly destroyed it.  The Hyksos did bring some good things to Egypt... horses, the art of the chariot and new musical instruments... how I loved listening to the sound of the lute deep into the night as the fires burned low... and the darkness of the sky fell like 100,000 images of Horus...

In the end, there was a peaceful accord -- memories were immortalized on tomb walls in the Valley of the Kings, Queens and Nobles... and also  in the texture of this new summer maxi dress by *ISA D'ORABLE* called Africa that is an exclusive at  Swank.

Africa comes with a beautiful collar necklace and earrings in an artful swirl like mosaic of matching colors that is perfect for a princess .... and  a set that will match with so many things. Africa is made  for classic, slink, maitreya and belleza bodies.  I wear Slink Physique.

If you are feeling a bit "curry masala" and ethnic  *ISA D'ORABLE*  is also offering an exclusive Sari in blue called Indira Bleu  - The silken texture is lush and lovely.  Indira Bleu is made for classic and mesh avatars and comes with a gorgeous necklace, shawl, upper arm bracelet and  belly chain.


Swank Exlusives - *ISA D'ORABLE*
Africa and Indira

 October 4 Seasons - Zulay chocolate with Africa and Zulay Papavar with Indira

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