Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mr. X and a duo from Jumo... *New* Fiorella and Julia

To dance the night away... two new looks from Jumo... each has its own charm... just like Mr. X.  For example, the new  cocktail dress that is made for classic and mesh  bodies -- it is called Fiorella.  This artful cocktail dress  is sweet with a  gorgeous flower pattern in a lavish an enchanted garden --- and yes, it is sexy enough to be enchanting.  Fiorella  comes in many colors and offers Fiorella Ankle  Boots with fringe that is sold separately and  is a perfect match to this outfit.

Sometimes, only a  dramatic gown fits your mood --- you know what I mean... it is when you need to look, well simple and yet stunning.... And, what better than gold swirling around your body... and a lush textured by Jumo called Julia  fits the  mood... Mr. X   is looking up  places to dance as I write this blog.... oh la la....

Let's just skip the party Mr. X and just stay here...   kisses you and  let us dance close and sweet... you know how I love your arms around me.... especially in this slinky new gown by Jumo.    And, before I get carried away with Mr. X, the coral earrings that come with this gown are drop dead and drop  coral earrings that are sensational... and a must have...

Dress One - Jumo - Fiorella Dress in Denim and Fiorella Ankle Boots in Denim
Gown - Jumo - Julia in Rose
Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Lily
Hair - Argrace - Haruka

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