Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mr. X and the tale of the dragon - *new* BamPu Legacies and TWA Guardians of Mirkwood

Today we went in search of the dragon... Mr. X and I wandered through the mists of a magical forest the path was rough, strewn with rocks and tree branches...we knew it would be nightfall soon and hoped to meet the hermit of the ruins... that the oracle told us would guide us on our way.

The ruins were set amid the most whimsical trees whose leaves and branches curl and sway in a fanciful way.  Their scent is most mysterious and makes you want to sit beneath their majestic branches and fall into a deep enchanted sleep...Mr. X thinks fairies have made them and distilled a bit of fairy dust on their leaves..... I think he is right.   Which way to we turn I asked the guardian... who was holding the most beautiful golden scrolls that gleamed in the night.

I know what you seek said this mighty sentinel...what I want to know is why... we seek what the dragon holds... it is the gift of life... this is what the oracle told us... we seek the dragon with the iridescent blue wings... he told us to look for the broken wagon wheel... amid the mouldering ruins.

At last we found the dragon... the sentinel with his golden scrolls of knowledge helped us to find the precious egg that the dragon is guarding... the question remains if he will give it to the mistwalkers of Mirkwood...


BamPu Legacies

*new* - Mythol Fantasy Trees in Green and Red
*new* Mythol Fantasy Greeter
*new* Mythool Dragon on a Stump with egg

Legacy Realms Abandoned  Ruins

Wearing - The White Armory - Guardians of Mirkwood

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl Auburn

Hair - exxess Ira A

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