Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mr. X and "string theory" -Prism Nala by Journey @ Swank!

 Pythagoras could be called the first known string theorist. Pythagoras, an excellent lyre player, figured out the first known string physics -- the harmonic relationship. He realized that vibrating lyre strings of equal tensions but different lengths would produce harmonious notes (i.e. middle C and high C) if the ratio of the lengths of the two strings were a whole number.  Pythagoras discovered this by looking and listening. Mr. X discovered this new dress @ swank called Prism Nala by Journey simply by looking!

Mr. X told me that the front of this Prism Nala reminds him of "string theory" with its artful web of "string" that evocatively floats down the front of this cute mini dress that is an exclusive  at this month's "Swank" event!  This mini also comes with a handy color changing hud featuring four colors called "tropical nights" -- I like the sound of that!   So Mr. X it has been a long night of dancing and I am up for a cuddle in this comfy chair... care to join me and discuss....


Dress: Prism Nala by Journey
Swank LM

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Zulay Marigold

Hair - eXXess - IRA-A

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