Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mr. X - A Day @ the Beach @ Swank - Park Place, October 4 Seasons, Selene Creations Heartsdale Jewelery

At the July Swank,  Mr. X and I stumbled on a great beach set by Park Place.  The items sold separately included two pink beach towels at 2 prims each, a  highly detailed rattan hanging lounge chair at 4 prims and a beach blanket at 5 prims that comes in two versions, adult and pg.

There are embedded animations in the blanket (the first to sit will go into the female poses).   Simply right click and select "sit" from the menu.    To change the animations, left click once you are  sitting to get a menu with the selections.    The animations can be repositioned to suit your individual avatar. Touch the blanket - while you are sitting to access the menu and click the [adjust] button.  The blanket also comes with loads of props -- you can read, drink, work on your laptop, chat on the phone and even put on suntan lotion!  It is great fun.

As for the hanging lounge chair, animations are also embedded in the chair.  This piece was set up for only one avatar at a time using the singles animations.  If a second avatar sits, both will be placed automatically into the couples animations.  The chairs are also copy and experience enabled and offer many fun experiences from drinking and reading to cell phones and laptops.

I fell in love with this sexy pink  bathing suit by Selene Creations called Deauville Rose (it comes in a rainbow of other colors). This suit features a deep V cut with a "swank" little belt at the waist and, as Mr. X whispered in my ear while putting suntan lotion on me... it shows off all my assets with tantalizing style! I have finished this look off with the special updated skin offered at Swank by October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom -- it is perfect for blondes and comes with 5 make-ups and even a few natural options, tattoos and is compatible with all mesh bodies. It's one of my favs.

Exclusives @ Swank -

Chairs, Beach Blanket, Towels - Park Place Seashell Beach Blanket, Beach Towels and Hanging Beach Lounge

Bathing Suite -Selene Creations Deauville Rose

Necklace - Heartsdale Jewellery - Golden Rosa 

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom 

Island - Sita's Sanctuary 

October  4 Seasons 

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