Friday, July 8, 2016

Mr. X and Culco & Heartsdale Jewellery @ Swank

I asked Mr. X to join me in the "no tell- motel" ---a  rustic  seedy kinda place to  just have some fun... the kind of which, I am too much of a lady to mention. The entire idea was  hatched so to speak when I found this evocative "new" little black dress called Corset Dress by Culco @ Swank.  It comes for classic and mesh avatars... so it is sexy on any "body" on the grid. I love a little black dress.

I love the sexy lace corset see thru top -- and --- not so see thru... I love that --- because it says naughty and nice at the same time.... Mr. X loves a good tease.... :P  --- oh no -- did I just kiss and tell.... I hope not... !  The satin  skirt is the perfect with this lovely lace top...a vision in  lace and naughty in this fabulous mini perfect for midnight encounters of the most... shall we say exotic kind.....

I have paired the necklace and earrings by Heartsdale Jewellery named  Rosa also an exclusive at Swank.  It is sensational with its finely wrought  golden flower and earrings that come with a handy color changing hud.  I love the way these flowers blossom in their intricate gold setting. So Mr. X.... let's take wing... and lift our spirits...  I am not accepting the "rat" race as the norm... are  you ---  I know I want the extraordinary always......


Swank  exclusives -

Dress - Culco --- Little Ghost

Jewelry ---Heartsdale Jewellery-- Rosa with hud

Skin - October  4 Seasons - Guiselle Lily

Shoes - Ghee - Ankle Fringe Coal

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