Monday, July 11, 2016

Mr. X and Isamaya - * A trio of New by Mistique M&F

As yet more royal guests began to arrive, my servants have ensured they are comfortably accommodated in the many small palaces and houses that are dotted throughout the park.  And, the wonderful activities I have planned... after dinner drives under the golden twilight skies around fountains and gardens in a fleet of golden carriages with elaborate carvings and crowns on their roofs.
Alone now in the quiet of the garden, I am wearing a simple gown embellished with a lavish belt with an artful buckle of is so pretty and suits this gown by Mistique called Isamaya perfectly.

I love the texture of this gown with row upon row of sequins that glisten like diamonds in the rough. Best of all Isamaya comes with a color changing hud that offers six rainbow colors including: sea green, lime green, gold, pink, lavender and blue.

I take a moment for myself, in another new release by Mistique called Talila - a cute low cut skirt and top that has a Grecian look.  Mistique has also created a gorgeous butterfly cage chair... I love the simple elegance of the caged butterfly chair with it's finely wrought metal cage with nine PG poses comes with  pastel pillows that is edged with a sweet butterfly.  It is perfect in almost any romantic setting -- whether you use it beachside, in the heart of the forest or to sparkle up a corner in your SL home, this butterfly cage is a must have.


Outfits -
Gown -  Mistique - Isamaya
Skirt and Top -  Mistique - Talila
Chair - Mistique - Butterfly Cage/Chair with 9 poses

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  Blossom Guiselle - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank LM
Main Store -

Hair - d!va - jasmine

Sim  - Lost Dream

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