Friday, July 15, 2016

Mr. X and Lillia by Jumo @ Swank

Summertime is picnic time for me and how I love to pack a luscious picnic lunch for Mr. X... ice cold salmon, fresh lemons and capers, a refreshing mango and papaya salad spiked with mint, lime and ice cold shrimp...a beautiful view and a warm breeze carrying the scent of suntan lotion and the faint fragrance of heritage pink roses and lavender.

I found the perfect dress at swank called Lillia by Jumo. It is a floral maxi dress that is in full bloom with beautiful swirling flowers.  It is summer sheer making it just sexy enough without showing all... Mr. X loves the translucent texture of this summer frock.

As with all of Jumo's dresses, a starfish necklace earrings and stachel making this outfit a winner. Matching Lillia shoes replete with starfish and flowers are sold separately.

Exclusives @ Swank

Dress & Bag - Jumo - Lillia
Shoes - Jumo - Lillia
Skin - October 4 Season Skins -  Guiselle Blossom
Swank LM

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