Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mr. X and the Winter Garden Heart Homes and Unique Boutique @ Poe

Mr. X was in a festive mood this morning... talking about the peace and tranquility of nature... and his love for just getting away from it all to a place where he  hears just birdsong and the rustle of leaves in the wind... and fragrant pine scented air.  With that in mind, I went to Heart Homes and picked up their new Winter  Garden Patio set that is made for singles and couples.

I love the excellent rattan texture of the Winter Garden Patio Set that is covered in a dupioni silk texture that matches the rattan perfectly.  This winter porch set  comes with two chairs, a coffee table, a couch and a handy side table, all loaded with single and couple poses.  There is also an activity option that offers cuddles (PG), dancing, reading together and drinks.

I am waiting here in this beautiful winter garden in this comfy set ... the hot chocolate is brewing.. the snow is falling as gently as a tear on the cheek of time... I always tell Mr. X we have time enough... I am excited to show him this new low prim winter garden set.

I think I will suggest to Mr. X that we have a winter garden party...I like that idea... and to be festive as it is the holiday season, I think I will wear this fun gown that I found on the POE hunt (still time to hunt through January 6) by Unique Boutique called Tangled.  I love the texture of this gown that glimmers and glows and the added christmas lights that add a touch a whimsy to this outfit.

I love the idea that the christmas lights -- that change color and intensity form a "stole" for this of all the Tangled gown is free, just look for the globe 20 meters from your landing point at the store...and get there before January 6.  And, the skin, it is October 4 Season Skins new Guiselle in Blonde... it is gorgeous from the beauty mark above the lip to the 5 make-ups and natural look it comes with... perfect for blondes.

Also, Heart Homes is offering a free New Year's Bear to members at the shop and it is also available on Marketplace for 99L !

Furniture By Aphrodite at Heart Homes - Winter Garden Set
InWorld -
Online  Market Place -

Gown - Unique Boutique - POE Exclusive

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - *NEW* Guiselle Blossom

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