Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mr. X & New Year AND New Store - Lybra Rage

A new year... I awoke to the sounds of drums, cymbals, gongs,  suo-na, a many-piped instrument whose sound reverberates through the narrow lanes of this ancient hutong. The air is thick as custard with heat, humidity and smog.  I dress to meet Mr. X... and have decided to wear the  new jumpsuit created by Lybra Rage called Donna.  It is created for a woman that has a taste for adventure... this is exactly what Mr. X told me when he saw me in it.... and then asked what are you looking for?

I told Mr. X -- you of course and another new year together!   In my fondest dreams, I want to wake up with him in a faraway place... a place that you get to by small plane or private boat...Mr. X told me, but it's your imagination that really puts you there!  Indeed, and all of you reading this know what I mean...a certain transportive vibration in the soul you came to terms with before setting foot in the ancient stone courtyard.

A time before the soft summer breeze delicately kisses your face.  And wearing Donna with it's sleek scoop neck top and the breezy pants that are a loose, relaxed fit accentuated by a tight belt cinched at the waistline that gives me an hourglass figure is perfect --- I told Mr. X that  I would meet him at the cloud and wind courtyard.... we know that -- it is a place of our fondest hopes and dreams ... and yes..

One thing you must know about Donna by Lybra Rage is that it looks great from the front...  and that it is fabulous from the back!  And, better  yet, it comes with a hud offering (get this) 36 color changing hud for the pantsuit and 20 for the belt and  belt buckle... it is an endless choice of fashion fun in  2016 colors that range in all the trend cutting shades from blue to coral, green to  charcoal and golds... it is amazing --- get to Lybra's NEW  SIM -- that is also amazing!  You must shop there -- best of all  no lag and  great designers and finds... Lybra tells me he has worked on new sim for a while... it is fantastic!


Outfit - *NEW* Lybra Rage - Donna

Skin - *NEW- October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Papavar

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