Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr. X and Jardis - Ghee and Purplemoon at The Instruments through Jan 4

I told Mr. X... I am leaving early for the country house... it is the first snowfall of the season... the air is crisp and cold...the sky a bruise grey with a myriad snowflakes swirling around me... they are cold on my face... refreshing... just like Mr. X's first kiss of the day.  To get in a snow mood... I am wearing the new exclusive by Ghee called Jadis for the Instruments.  I also love October 4 Seasons skin, Guiselle in Blossom with this gown...wonders if blondes really do have more fun!!!

Jadis is partial mesh with a texture that gently snows... it drifts down the texture of this gown...it is beautiful and hard to capture in a static picture.  Ghee has added a flexi skirt that suggests drama and adds volume and a fur lined collar and fur trimmed long gloves that adds the right touch of elegance. Jadis also comes with a snowfall hud enabling you to create a swirling snowstorm wherever you go! There is also a snowglobe attachment that is great fun.  And, yes, Mr. X I must bring ALL these suitcases to the country house... and yes, you are forever my sherpa!

I have combined this fabulous gown with another exclusive at the Instruments by Purplemoon called Ice Queen.  This fantastic headpiece comes with two antlers that can be attached and a magical crown of snow encrusted diamonds that comes in two sizes - small and large and is the ideal compliment to this winter outfit... so, Mr. X.... let it snow!

Gown - Exclusive at The Instruments - Ghee - Jardis
Headpiece - Exclusive at The Instruments - Purple Moon - Ice queen

Skin - *New* - October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom

Hair - no longer available - Acedia Albion

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