Thursday, May 18, 2023

It Keeps You Running - Sascha's Designs @ Designers Showcase

I have had a hiatus... but I am back... because I missed SL so much and my many friends and followers... so... here we go... right back... a deep dive... because SL and RL keep you running and then -- there is the time when I need to unwind and go deep inside... and feel my heart beat... and do what I must...but remember  I can hear your heartbeat always in my mind... which is why I am back... and my first blog is from the one and only iconically always sexy and sophisticated Sascha's Designs. An exclusive @ Designers Showcase and then at Main Store.

So I miss my love, he has me all wrong... but you know...  I am not worried at all... some people hide their hearts... I  hope I never have to... because that keeps peeps running away... I know what it means to hide your heart away and the hurt when you trust... it keeps you running and worrying all your life... not me --- so take note!

Tonight... I shall sit and dream of time gone by when I wandered... in the labyrinth of SL and all the wonderful folks I have met here and new dreams and adventures lie ahead... if you dare... and, trust me  I look forward to those I have not yet met... sounds like fun...  especially feeling elegant wearing Sascha's Designs...

Wearing  - Sascha's Designs -- always elegant and sexy at the same time... not to be missed.

Designers Showcase  Exclusive LM

Outfit Sascha  Designs - Lua Creme  Coat, Hat, Dress - Maitreya, and petite, Legacy and perky, reborn, hourglass and  Freya -  Worn: Maitreya and Rocher Creme necklace and earrings all included... wow! Lua comes in creme, pink, black, beige, seafoam, and white (worn).


Shoes -  Sascha's Designs - Vanna Creme Shoes   


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  1. It´s good to see you and reading you! Second life is the place for everyone who loves not only clubs or social... Fashion is the place for every person. Congrats and Excellent starting on this path dear writer and photographer