Monday, November 29, 2021

Mr. X --- Zoom and It... Curious?

 Tonight I am wearing an adorable new outfit called Sylvanas by Zoom that is an exclusive @ Swank. It has a lace bolero jacket and a sexy midriff top... oh la la... It is made for maitreya, legacy, and freya mesh bodies and comes with a color-changing hud. I especially like the corduroy slacks, they are snug and fit perfectly and are embellished by a silk sash at my waist... Mr. X likes that and so do I  and for that matter, so will you - need I say more? 

Dancing in the moonlight... is there more I guess I need not kiss and tell but --- with him there is never enough... in yet a different and very soft color of zoom... I will not say with who... as I never kiss and tell...he knows who he is!

I do like the different textures of this outfit... sleek velvet corduroy,  lace and silk,  and of course ribbon chiffon...  dramatic. And, then I combined with another find @ Swank called Flor by !It! -- this necklace and earrings come with a massive color-changing hud, you can change the metal and three different types of gemstone... this is a must-have... it is tribal and exotic.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

 Swank LM -

Outfit - Zoom - Sylvanas

Jewelry - Flor by !It!

Outfit -  Sylvanas by Zoom 

Hair she

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