Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mr. X and Lola... AnaStyle @ Swank

 No, I told Mr. X time and time again, I am not born to be wild...  and sometimes I feel like I am outside looking in but never in this fabulous look that is an exclusive @ Swank by AnaStyle called Lola is rock and roll late into the night... and, your Mr. X will agree... for sure! After all... Lola is a rocker... for decades! 

I love the cape-like red jacket it embellishes the tight perfectly colored jeans and the cute silk sexy shirt... so shear... it is a delight.. just ask ... Lola is made for mesh bodies and... most of all, it is fun to rock and roll in it! 

Outfit  - LOLA  -  AnaStyle @ Swank 

LM -

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