Monday, February 4, 2019

Mr. X Enduring Romance... Charme & D!vine Style @ Dazzle

I love this dress... by D!vine Style  called  Ruby Cold Shoulder -- it shows that time moves on and Mr. X the clock is ticking...and this time of year take me in your arms like in times past are reminiscent of  books... a book of memory that is written in our heart... it takes me back to the day of romantic  courtly love and this hair by Charme called Yumi a sultry exclusive @ Dazzle.

With Valentine's Day is around the corner and @ Dazzle, all of the designers are offering many options from super sexy to demure this cute, coy to sophisticated dress with 70 colors by D!vine is perfect with another hair by Charme called  Edith. I love the multi-colored options that this clever hair offers.. it is sooo sexy.

  One of the major components in styling on SL has to do with hair... and anyone that knows me, I love the hair... and the three new exclusives hair options are just gorgeous like xxx by Charme a cute romantic whispy pull-up hair.  It comes in many colors and shades... the choice is yours.   I paired this hair with another exclusive @  Dazzle by Charme called Elena and added  the heart-shaped swirling earrings by Glint, another exclusive @ Dazzle.


Dazzle Exclusives
Landmark -

Hair #1 - Charme - Yumi

Hair #2 -  Charme - Edith

Hair #3 - Charme - Elena

Earrings and Necklace - Glint  - Swirling Heart Earrings and Spiral Heart Necklace

Dress - D!vine Style  - Ruby Cold Shoulder

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