Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mr. X and Nicole - new Jumo

I found this gorgeous new gown by Jumo called  Nicole -- it is so sexy and romantic... it reminds me of  Mr. X and a Spanish  Lullaby I want to whisper in his ear...

Aromatic words kissed my wanton ears

Like soft drops of rain on arid ground

All I could I hear was my beloved’s beckoning sound

Jasmines and orchids coiled into a garland
My body became a fragrant paradise

Te amo te amo the wind whispered and sighed
Blushing, I brushed the hair away from my eyes
The sun kowtowed in the distance giving me a cue
Blinking once or twice to the stars swinging by

As the wind hastened to sing a lullaby of Spain

Wearing  Jumo
Gown - Nicole
Jewelry - Reilly  Necklace and Earrings

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