Friday, June 29, 2018

Mr. X -- Get the Gift @ Fellini, Jumo and More Salt Eliza Wierwight

Mr. X...come and run away...alone with me -- come and explore an amazing Lea sim -- #7 of course by  Eliza Wierwight called Salt.  And, better yet, Fellini has released a new gift gown and Jumo has gorgeous new jewelry... it is a perfect floral storm of pleasure!

I love this mermaidish styled gift gown by Fellini with its lavish floral and lace texture that is simply called Summer Gown, generous gift. It is made for mesh bodies in all five sizes and made for Maitreya bodies.   It also comes with a flower headpiece.

This installation created by Eliza Wierwight is a journey of reality and... dining --  truth wrapped in symbolism, real-life contexts of salt and philosophy.. much to ponder here.  Salt is after all part of life and more -- Eliza gets this quite well... and dares you to wonder...

I love the flowers that come with the Fellini  Gift, and I adore the pearls and finely wrought gold leaves and pearls, the finest, made by Jumo called Reily Jewelry.  This Jewelry Set by Jumo comes with a gorgeous drop pearl and gold necklace -- with a leaf that dangles in the wind, plus beautiful pearl and gold leaf earrings and a ring... it is a must-have.  So, Mr. X let's experience Salt... can you catch me?


Gown - Fellini -  Gift  June Summer Gown

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Jewelry - Jumo - Reily

Sim - Lea 7 - Salt Eliza Wierwight

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