Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mr. X - Escada - *New* Fellini

Escada -- the word conjures the essence of luxury fashion, and Joy, owner of Fellini never disappoints.  I absolutely adore the new gown by Fellini called Escada... the rich floral brocade of this fabric is beyond beautiful - it is simply sublime.

Escada is made for slink, belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a full lavish floor length ball skirt that will have every eye in the room on you.  The top is strapless and the bow accent is perfectly proportioned and adds an extra dash of elegant allure.

Escada comes in blue, red, grey, black and white, purple, gold, green, and pink.  This skirt of this gown in pink is especially pretty and reminds me of a Monet watercolor.  The gold and green are bold and beautiful.  The monotone of the black and white is so interesting in a graphic way. Each color has its own charm -- and each gives a different vibe.

The red has gorgeous red flowers on mostly a white background and when wearing the blue, you will feel like a walking piece of Delft.  Mr. X thinks these gowns are all so beautiful, he told me not to hesitate to get the fat pack because each gown has its own appeal.

Wearing - Fellini  - Gown - Escada  in Green, Gold and Brown
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