Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mr. X and Francoise - Jumo @ Swank & More!

The night is a splendid one. Mr. X scooped my arm into his and escorted me through the French doors into the garden where we stepped into the indigo night of the estate's thickening evening.  Our footsteps landed in unison on the back garden path, a horse let out a long, languid whinny in the distance. Will you stay here tonight Mr. X?

Let them whisper and gossip.  I want you here. Mr. X's lips spread into a reluctant smile as he acquiesced.  Here, late hours were spent before the fire reading poetry.  Mr. X tells me he loves the new gown I am wearing made of the finest lace and satin called Francesca by Jumo.

This lovely gown is made for maitreya, slink and belleza bodies. It comes with a color changing hud offering 18 choices.  There are solid colors, a variety of colors in lace and a floral and lace pattern to choose from.  XXX also comes with beautiful diamond drop earrings.

I am also wearing new hair by Jumo called Kroes Hair.  It is an elegant ponytail style with magnificent hair jewelry, fit for a queen.  It comes with bangs that are wispy and you have the choice of whether or not to attach them. 

I am also wearing new eye makeup by Jumo called Luscious it is so pretty with glints of gold.  The eye make up is made for letuka, catawa, and classic heads and also comes with omega appliers for other types of mesh heads. This is a pack of six gorgeous colors that are expertly blended.


Gown - Swank Exclusive - Francoise - Jumo

Swank Land Mark

Hair - Kroes - Jumo

Eye make up - Luscious - Jumo

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