Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mr. X and Boho Best - Ghee @Vintage Event...

I told Mr. X that I absolutely fell in love with this long luxurious boho styled Nico maxi skirt by Ghee Nico- dye top that is sold separately and exclusively at the Vintage Fair.  I love this outfit in all colors, but, became particularly fond of the outfit in cherry!  I loved the combination of the authentic Indian tie-dye pattern in reddish silk contrasted by the avocado green waist that fits just below my belly button showing off my hips... oh so very well.

This makes me feel awash with colors and pattern... the skirt glides over my hips and down my legs... a beautiful drape.  This outfit commands attention!  It is made for mesh bodies, slink,  belleza and maitreya.  Don't miss the matching shoes and glasses.  And, Ghee's gift of, what else, "love beads"!

I love the Nico tie-dye top -- with its boho crocheted beaded details... it is retro and boho chic and something all of us would love to wear in RL today!  Mr. X told me his heart flutters when he watches the tiers of beads sway...as we move together... and, I like that!  This top is exceptionally romantic especially when paired with the skirt and shoes.

The hat and hair is a must have -- period the end. It comes in black, brown, red and blonde... each shade has many color changing options for the hair.  The hat also has a color changing hud for the hat itself and the parts of the flower -- including the petal, trim, button and color of the flower -- all match the shoes and outfits in this collection!  Need I say more?

Wearing Ghee Vintage Fair Exclusives
Skirt - Nico Maxi - Cherry
Top - Nico Tie Dye -Cherry
Daisy Hair & Floppy Hat - Blonde 
Daisy Sunglasses
Love Beads

Direct Ghee Landmark @ Vintage Fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caldonia/110/115/21

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