Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mr. X and Spring Wind -- irrISIStible @ Swank

She could have offered any number of explanations.. of what drew her, the Spring Fairy to this dark glen hidden deep in the forest.  Why is it here that the twilight here so different from anywhere else... somehow she knew that there was no simple answer to this question.

She might have said, the view...the unruly, wild, view... the soft light of the coming evening... gentle green of the grass and the prettiest blue of the lake... thousands of acres of virgin woodland... the landscape punctuated by wildflowers... this is where she will build a shrine for him... a place to meet...

I dance to the orchestra of nature in this new outfit by irrISIStible called Spring Wind that is an exclusive @ Swank... I just love the floral skirt and shoes... and the hair and floral hairpiece... all brilliantly made.  This outfit is made for mesh bodies and the shoes are made for belleza, maitreya and slink feet.

Wearing this I feel like the Fairy Godmother of Spring...the first stirring of nature waking from a long winter sleep of textured white and grey bare branches... Come Mr. X, meet me in the glen and dance to the sound of croaking frogs and chirping crickets!

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Wearing irrISIStible @ Swank - Spring WInd
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