Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mr. X and the flower child -irrISIStible + {Letituier } @ Swank

Mr. X... hanging and waiting.. and back into a budget and who knows...  I  feel  like  the stars are in
 well, I don't know alignment is so so...but what is great is... this outfit one of two by -irrISIStible  called Spring Folk that is an exclusive @ Swank...and the flower boots...  Mr. X tells me I am a " love child" -- I  think, ok, I am that and more Mr. X!!!!

I love the short shorts -- so hot that they are cool and...   the tube top total retro...  and the sexy hat that is part SlouchVictorian Felt and   Roses...  really, who can resist that !!!  Mr. X thinks it is ... well, I never Kiss and Tell.  I love it and, no Mr. X never calls me  "mellow yellow"  -- And, yes, always, Mr. X... I   stride my way to you...

 Can you catch me Mr. X? If you  want to  check out Irrsisbitble @ Swank an never forget  this fab hair by  {Letituier } called Luize.  It is long, sexy and totally a must have...

Wearing - Swank  Exclusives

Outfit   - Hat -- Boots -- Spring Folk Mesh -irrISIStible

irrISIStible -

Hair - {Letituier } Luize  Swank Exclusive

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