Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mr. X and Artemesia Gown and Jewelry NEW JUMO

I love this new snakeskin gown embellished with lace by Jumo... it is something an exotic goddess would wear.  It is powerful and seductive... just like the ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut... and if you want to feel like a Goddess -- get this gown by Jumo called Artemesia and Jewelry.

Artemesia comes with a fab hud color changing hud.  Matching jewelry, a must have is sold separately and is a great tribal look that includes necklace and earrings... it is simply Sherazade come to life!  You will feel fabulous...  I also found this sim, Hatshepsut's temple, she is one of my favorite women in all of history -- I have a few favorites and she is one.  I was happy to see a temple built in her honor.

As much as I love this gown... somehow it inspired me to look this up...  from an ancient tomb in Thebes... 1160 B.C. 

THe Harper's Song for Inherkhawy (Excerpt)

     So seize the day! hold holiday!
     Be unwearied, unceasing, alive
     you and your own true love;
     Let not the heart be troubled during your
         sojourn on Earth,
     but seize the day as it passes!

Mr. X...   let us let a day pass and -- for my readers... don't pass up the opportunity to get this gown!

Wearing Jumo - LM  

Gown - Necklace - Earrings - Jumo  Artemesia 
Eyemake up - Jumo - Sheba

Hair - No longer available

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