Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mr. X and the Snow Queen - Giulia Designs & Luminesse @ Swank

Mr. X wanders through the forest in search of her... the Queen of Snow...served by the Lady of Ice and the Handmaiden of Winter... he knows where to look

WHERE the wild bear clasps the ice
Over the hanging precipice,
Where the glittering icebergs shine
Within the sunset, red as wine,

Where the reindeer lick the snow,
To see what there may be below,
Where the shades are blue and green,

There lives, they say, the great Snow Queen.

Wild her eyes are as the sea
When northern winds blow lustily.
Her queenly robes are white as snow,
But flaming diamonds on them glow,
And many a precious stone.

Of green ice builded is her throne:
Polar bears her watch-dogs are--

Her only lamp, an evening star.

Wearing - 

Gown - Giulia Designs @ Swank  (made for mesh bodies includes lights, snowflakes, mask, wings and jewelry)  
Bracelets- Luminesse Ziella Kakoli  @ Swank
Hair - Cheveux Mii7 Ashes

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