Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mr. X and Golden... Luxe Paris @ Swank, Jumo and Legendaire and Ali and Ali

Somehow  I remember -- you and I on a carousel  You and I -- we go round and round...  
Ringing bells --- the clock ticks on... and hours pass... does Time pass us  by?

It was a night to look forward to...  and I found the perfect dress... so festive by   Luxe Paris that is an  exclusive at Swank called Golden Snow.  It is made for mesh bodies -- maitreya, fit -mesh and belleza Mr. X told me it is a dream in white and gold -- and, these gorgeous sandals by Legendaire called Hazzel Heels are elegant and perfect with side golden laces... I love them -- they are made for belleza, slink, maitreya and classic feet... with a ten color hud!  

Scorching bulbs ---- Ornate  and decadent... I remember do you...  and the enchanting music .... you told me all your magical stories... As the sun rose... you asked and  --- yes, and yes... again... 

Along with his ever ending affection, Mr. X gave new this gorgeous crown and eye make up by Jumo  called Magic Wonder it is made for catwa, letuka and classic heads... and has snowflakes and  diamonds!  I paired it with the new hair by Ali and Ali called Catherine  it is beautiful with its classic  long retro curls.... love it!

Mr. X do you remember the  glimmer of  lights... and our kisses ---- soft and sweet ... I remember do you...  let the far off chime of bells and the lure of flutes --- and a simple drum beat...  like my heart call you... to me... tonight. 


Dress - Luxe Paris - Golden Snow @ Swank
Bracelets - Luminesse - Ziella Kakoli @ Swank
Swank LM

Eyemake Up - New Jumo - Wonderland Magic

Hair - Ali and Ali - Catherine - Grey Tones - comes in  all  shades and huds...

Shoes - Legendaire - Gold Hazzel ( mesh, classic, maitreya, belleza, slink)

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much Sita! And Happy New Year ♥♥♥