Friday, September 29, 2017

Mr. X and Windless Afternoons - Eleanor Canon Victorian Gown !!SMD!!

Only as I gaze upon those windless afternoons, I find myself saying to myself, involuntarily, "The evening will be a wet one with the moon hidden in a mass of clouds in the starless night."

The storm is always brooding through the mossy splendor of the trees., above those sun-dried glades and lawns...where delicate children play, thinly clad...

and the secular trees themselves will hardly outlast another generation...all I recall are shadows of tall candles, chanting and tear stained cheeks... I stand subduing sorrow and immune to fear.

I love this wonderful Victorian styled gown called Eleanor Canon Victorian Gown by !!SMD!! that is made for maitreya and slink mesh bodies.  It's cute bustle is accented in the back with a rose and the detail around the hemline is elegant. The lace blouse is exquisitely created and textured in a soft cream color with the perfect accent colors that tie this look together.

Eleanor Canon Victorian Gown comes in blue, crimson, emerald, obsidian, peach, rose, teal and violet.

Gown !!SMD!! - Eleanor Canon Victorian Gown

Hair - !Diva - Ange

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