Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mr. X & the girl with the dragon tattoo... Luxe Paris @ Swank and Wicca's Wardrobe

You know who she is immediately... just look at her... in that fabulously slinky sheath dress with the embellishment of a dragon that swirls and wraps itself around her body....and she waits...  for Mr. X... stretching... dreaming... wings of flight... how I long to fly into your arms....
Is she innocent... or your destiny...perhaps she is  born sin... just like you will feel wearing this sexy new exclusive by Luxe Paris at Swank... it is so cool and -- oh my, so very hot.  It is made for all mesh and fit mesh bodies.
As for dragons... it is fun to be the "dragon lady" once in awhile, after all, dragons are mythical, magical  and very powerful iconic animals...
I love this sed by CdB - Kantan Set  it comes  in pieces and in a soft rezz that puts everything in place and makes it easy as pie to move around. It comes with a  daybed with singles and couples poses, low prim -- all is low prim from the cabinet to the tea table, flowers  pillows, chinese screens and plants... this is amazing...  and it has found a home with me....
Mr. X will you follow me into the Dragon's Lair?   I trust you will... as usual...  and, yes, this is a dragon tattoo... I thought was cool.

Swank Exclusives
Outfit - Luxe Paris - Dragon Dream Dress
Set - CdB - Kantan Set  Swank Exclusive

Shoes - Wicca Merlin -Darcy Heels - comes with a cool color changing hud

Make up- Dragon -  Alge

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  1. This is a gorgeous post! Thank you, Sita, for using my work and for all the kind words <3