Friday, September 8, 2017

Mr. X- Manasa -Ghee and the Darkness Snakeskin Mini

Slithering and sliding on  the crescent moon... Medusa beckons... do you  dare follow her  shimmering path... into the darkness... can you cross the parapet of  destiny to be with me... the moon reflects  and you will be my dawn.... I love wearing Manasa the new snakeskin mini dress that comes in  eight irrescent colors by Ghee that is an exclusive @ the Darkness.

Looking at me... I know you want to unravel the intricate laces of this new mini dress that is so alluring... it is called Manasa and is an exclusive at  The Darkness Event through Sept. 31.... your mind will  writhe like 1,000 serpents of  desire... Manasa comes in 8 colors, each dress sold separately and comes with a snake choker in  silver, gold and black. The  peep toe boots that match with 8 colors are sold separately.  This is made for  belleza, maitreya, slink bodies and feet.

You do not need to battle with me, I submit.... today is the time of many forgotten yesterdays... that  bind our hearts in the  cocoon of  forgotten memories...  a purified version of yesterday.... in my heart and yours forever.....

Wearing  Ghee @ The Darkness -
Dress - Manasa - Ghee in eight colors
Boots - Manasa- Ghee with hud

Hair - Emo-tions - Fatel

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