Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mr. X and Momoko Sensual Haiku - Giulia Designs @ Swank...

Thinking back --- I remember him... dancing in the moonlight...with me --- now-- I wonder  does he remember... do you think he will?  I will never forget.....I know he won't especially remembering me in this fabulous new gown by Giulia Designs called Momoko.  It comes with this elegant gold headpiece and fans.  It is made for classic and mesh bodies... and it is a must have... it shimmers....

In the moonlight the color and scent of wisteria
seems far away......

 Turning a pond with night time face,

Into rippling waves. I wait for you...  

She idles along the scented path,
To while away the hour,
Teasing and fanning a the stone guardian... 
And smelling the succulent fragrance of a red almond flower.

On a banister watching ducks, I lean around,Her jade hairpin, slanting down.  
Her golden crown of flowers of the finest gold gilt-- glowing in the moonlight....

All the time she waited for her date, Mr. X....But he never shows up at the gate.
Then she looks up to see a magpie
Calling out for her to wait.

Swank LM -
Giulia Designs - Momoko 
Swank exclusive

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