Monday, September 4, 2017

Mr. X and Wild Fushion & Jumo @ Swank

To what shall  I liken the world and you Mr. X ---- Moonlight, reflected----- In dewdrops---- Shaken from a crane’s bill. I love the New  exclusives @ Swank by  Jumo and  Wild Fashion.

It is the  crescent moon... and ... what shall i  remember tomorrow  without you... the world without dew  drops or are they  tears in my eyes --  reflected  on the water from moonlight  -- tears -- pollen on a rosebud... glistens

I love this new gown by  wild Fashion Fusion... it is the " Couture" Version... the  Cranes take flight... and, yes --- so will the heart of the one you love.  This gown, the September Exclusive @ Swank  is made for mesh bodies and comes with a color changing hud... this is  "couture"   The one below is pure funky.... and so fun.... if I were You I  would get both.. it is   a good idea... even Mr. X thinks so!

And, the hair, Jumo,  called Quinn an exclusive @ Swank so Tokyo  Chic and it is just so funky purrfect with this funky version of  Wild Fusion's Gown called Tokyomix...  don't miss it!

Wearing- Swank - Jumo and  Wild Fusion

Gown - Wild Fashion -   Tokyomix Couture and  Tokyomix Funky
Hair - Jumo - Quinn  with Tokyomix Funky

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