Monday, September 4, 2017

Mr. X and the Dreamcatcher - *NEW* MUSE

I told Mr. X that I am his dreamcatcher... I hold them all  in my heart... and sway back and forth in the autumn breeze with thoughts of him and us together ... it is the cradle of my fondest hopes... and his dreams... Speaking of dreams....I love this new outfit by Muse called "Dreamcatcher"  it is so beautifully made. There are even matching boots, jewelry and hair, sold separately that make styling this look as easy as it is stunning!

I love the fringe that cascades down the front of this mini dress and the thigh high boots with their lace up ties at the side accented by a Dream catcher. Dreamcatcher comes with the choice of two hud versions sold separately.  Each offers a series of  9 jewel tone colors. Hud 1 includes ruby red, brown, purple, blue, eggplant (Worn), rose, black red and rust (worn).  Each has complimentary accent colors on the fringe and stripes.

Hud #2 is equally as just depends on what colors you are in the mood to wear and whose dreams you want to catch!
I know I am in the dreams of my beloved Mr. X always... Both versions are made for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP and fit mesh bodies. Hud V2 has nine colors including white, green, lavender, silver, pink, blue, dark blue and black with fabulous accent colors. Hud 2 has more of a pastel colors.

Boots, sold separately, that lace up the side and have a color changing hud and are made for each version of the dress. Boots come made for mesh feet - slink, belleza, and maitreya.

Muse started off as  a jewelry maker and flowers...  it is how I first met Noreen and the windcatcher jewelry with a matching hud is exceptional as always in detail... it is so finely made. And, then of course the sexy matching hair...that has a whisp of curls that cascades down your cheek... so  smoking hawt... the hair completes this look... you will  catch all that are  floating in the breeze.

Wearing- Muse - Dreamcatcher - mini dress, hair, boots and necklace/earrings....

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