Monday, September 25, 2017

Mr. X and the Small Tokyo Temple- New VIPS Creations and Pink Magic

There is something about temples that I like... something spiritual and mysterious. I love the temples of India, they are so vibrant and alive especially in the south, and then, the temples of Egypt so grand and, now so quite... one can only imagine the ceremonies that took place in them... etched upon their walls and in our collective DNA...
And then, the a temple, small and austere and elegant... asian in shape... Japanese Temple by Pink Magic and an exclusive at Swank that is celebrating all things Tokyo till the end of September!  It is 113 prims but does come loaded with many things --A lovely temple, grass, flowers, fish, two reflecting pools, a gong and even a golden Buddha... it is really pretty and so easy to rezz with a box and position.

I am wearing the beautiful Japanese inspired gown by VIPS Creation  called Tokyo  Gown I love the way it puffs and  flows -- it has a tight sheath that has a Japanese styled Obi belt that picks up the pattern in the skirt and makes my figure look like a beautiful hourglass... Mr. X loves that... trust me... and the floral pattern on this gown is exquisite... and a must have.

Sometimes, it is hard to find the perfect hair to wear with a gown like this, if you know what I mean... no worries Tokyo Gown comes with a fabulous hair and headpiece that pulls this gown together -- it  creates a couture cool look in an instant!

Wearing  Exclusives @ Swank
Gown and Hair - VIPS - Tokyo Gown and Hair
Set - Pink Magic - Japanese Temple

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