Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mr. X and Callas - new Jumo and New Emo-tions

Wandering through the forest... i remember the night that we sat and drank from mismatched glasses... I believe it was the green fairy... absinthe.... we sang songs and weaved stories... of girls  with henna patterned hands and the smiling man in the moon... and the woman at the end of the lane... do you remember?

I love the free spirited look of boho designs and Jumo called  Callas Maxi has created a keeper... perfect for the last hot summer nights... it is so airy and casual. end of summer...

It comes with a 25 color changing hud consisting a a variety of patterns and solid colors to choose from... there is something to fit every free spirited feeling that you have... even Mr. X agrees with that!

I am also wearing new hair by Emo-tions called Alanis.  It is pure long sexy and boho with it straight long locks and part on the side.... love it.  I also have Taylor eye-shadow and  Lola Lips by Jumo.

Mr. X do you remember linguistics that were twisted and the brass tales that were told... the cork that was  popped from blue wax... we dusted the bottle off and toasted to the stars... the darkness is fading... it is almost dawn......

Gown - Jumo - Callas Maxi
Lipstick - Jumo - Lola
Eyeshadow Taylor

Hair - *new* Emo-tions - Alanis
Main Store -

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