Monday, August 21, 2017

Mr. X and Kendall - New Jumo - plus new lipstick and emo-tions hair!

Mr. X asked me to meet him in the forest by the gate... I walked along a path... following the candles...each lit and filling the air with a heavenly scent that somehow I cannot describe. Will Mr. X be there... only time will tell... I suspect a night of romance looking at the flower strewn path and the candles that light the way... like beacons to a forbidden world.

The iron gate is gilded in gold and silver... it is beautiful... do I dare wander in?I am wearing a new gorgeous gown by Jumo that is made for slink, maitreya belleza, tmp and standard fit mesh bodies.

It is a perfect example of a lavish ball gown that is sure to catch the eye of your very own prince. I loved the jewel tones of the solid silk option that is embellished with a satin ribbon running around the skirt giving it added dimension.

The bold floral design is so pretty... it is like wearing a garden party!  It comes in a variety of colors... This hud comes with colors and patterns to fit any mood or function.

Kendall also comes with a fabulous jewelry set in gold. I love the fan earrings and the lavish matching gold choker.  I am also wearing new lipstick for mesh heads - catwa and letuka (worn) as well as for class heads. It comes in six beautiful jewel tones that go with so many things.  The hair is new by Emo-tions called Marlee and is an exclusive at the Trunk Show.

Gown - Jumo - Kendall
Lipstick - Jumo - Lola

Hair - *new* Emo-tions - Marlee
Trunk Show LM

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