Friday, June 2, 2017

Mr. X and Evangeline - New Jumo @ Swank and New Hair!

She is the essence of cool sophistication. She has 20 plus years of writing experience. She has won equestrian events and speaks multiple languages late into the night. She likes rum and!  And, yes, she is use to having every eye in the room on her. She likes that.

Wearing the new release by Jumo called Evangeline that is an exclusive at the June Swank event... this dress is a must have.  It's lavish patterns some in 9 variations from solid gorgeous patterns in the deep sexy colors of summer.... to  almost transparent lace patterns that seem to beguile men with their peek-a-boo effect.

In this dress you will have that indefinable energy, that quality that draws people from every walk of life in...and never lets go. She sighs and says, Mr. X such is the power of what they call charisma!!  This also comes with a gorgeous diamond encrusted gold cross and earrings.
The hair is pure magic and also a new release by Jumo called Mishka.  I love the way it pulls back from my face to show off my fine kissable cheekbones...and the sexy ponytail that adds a dash of girlish glamour to this highly sophisticated look.

Wearing  *NEW* Swank  Exclusive - Jumo  -  Evangeline

Hair - Jumo - *NEW*  Mishka - red straight

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