Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Park Place @ Swank

Swank is almost over but there are a few landscape designs still available for this month. One is the Spring Bench Scene by HJM Designs that offers 22 single and 16 couple animations. It is only 12  prims. It is an exclusive at Swank for $200 L. Afterward, it will be available at their main Store for $279.

The Spring bench scene comes complete with flowers, trees, the bench and lots of couples and solo animations - I had fun relaxing drinking a cup of coffee after working on my laptop with this!

Another cute offering is the Tree and Hammock set for couples and singles. The tree is really cool because you can change the color of it for the season!  It is low prim too the tree is 9 and the hammock is 6 LI. The furniture is "experience" enabled for a smoother transition of props/attachments.

Spring Bench and Tree and Hammock - Park Place @ Swank Event
Lm -
Main Store

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