Monday, May 29, 2017

Mr. X and the tale of the spring fairy & strawberry maid- Isa d orable @ Swank

Every spring the lavender fairy arrives at her favorite glen to visit a magical pool of water know for purity and the power to remove all perceived obstacles and sickness. A pool of rejuvenation surrounded by magnificent horses with lavender tails and manes and great symbols on their coats whose meanings are lost in the winds of time. It brings her back to the days when there were ten moons in the sky and when Mr. X was always there for her with strawberries.
In the lavender glen all animals and people lived in harmony and went out of their way to be useful and friendly to one another. In this world the elephant was the king of animals and one day he told the spring fairy that there should be a king of the rivers and marshes; in order to warn people of the coming spring rains so they could prepare the strawberry fields. After an announcement went out five animal showed up for the job... a cat, monkey, crab, toad and frog.
The Spring Fairy and Elephant presided... Cat, you do not even like water and run away at the first drops...monkey... you are too playful and forgetful...and, dear crab, you don't even have a head...where would we put your crown?  They were all kindly dismissed and given strawberries for their effort. This left just the toad and the frog.
It was decided that a race be organized between the frog and the toad to see who would reach the riverbank first. At the start of the race the toad was way ahead of the frog until it reached a ditch that must have been formed by the last heavy rains. As the frog caught up with the toad both stopped at the ditch... the frog said this ditch is nothing for me and sailed over it... the poor toad knew he had to jump over the ditch but... tumbled into it. The frog reached the riverbank first and declared the winner.
At his coronation, the king of all the animals, elephant, made a big speech. “Frog”, he said, “now that you are the King of the rivers and Marshes, your first duty is to announce the coming of the first rains by singing croo croo as loud as you can so all can get ready for the rains and strawberries. That is the reason why to this day, when people hear the frog’s song, they are very happy, because they know that the dry season is over and the rain they need to grow strawberries is on its way. The next event at the coronation was to introduce the new Mistress of Strawberries...whose home is by the magical wishing well.
The Mistress of Strawberries makes her way along country lanes and over bridges, through villages and glens ladened with strawberries and sharing them with all she meets. She is on the way to meet the new Frog Prince... and as she wanders --- she wonders... if I kiss this frog will he turn into a real prince... to help me tend my strawberries...and, perhaps magically turn into Mr. X?

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Spring Fairy and Strawberry - Isa d orable

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