Monday, May 8, 2017

Mr. X and Green Tara -3-Eye Designs and {Letituier} & Isa d'orable @ Swank

I asked Mr. X where is the  shaman... is everyone a shaman...  and then the fog of enlightenment descends... slowly like silver silvers of the moon... where everyone is a philosopher... everything is  divine... and most simply put,  everyone can turn a blind third -eye... to this subtle , intangible SL world... and yes... I found the most amazing find...  by 3-Eye Designs called the  Ruins of Tara..... that is an exclusive @ Swank....

For me,  तारा, tārā is the goddess of regeneration and hope... and I  dream on her and with her... like the great mother, she surrounds us... in an eternal embrace. Green Tārā, (śyāmatārā) is known as the Buddha of enlightened activity... and, for me,  SL can be, or should I say  is an "enlightened" or shall I say, enlightening(!) activity.  This fabulous sculpture and garden by  3-Eye Designs comes with  8 poses and 4 meditation poses...  that brings peace and perfectly rendered, prim light and a must must have...  It will be one thing I will keep always.... 

Green Tara ... as radiant as the full moon she obscures pride and  ignorance... desire and attachments... hatred and anger... a  saviouress of compassion and beauty... she waits... and this  Green Tara is  is serene and beautiful... I wait as always, for Mr. X with  calm now.

This gown called Chinese Dragon Kiss is by Isa d'Orable she has many items -- equally as unique at this month's Swank (to be blogged later) -- I just love this gown that has a color changing hud and is compatible with mesh bodies.

I am also  wearing Taema Hair hair by {Letituier} that is an exlusive at Swank. This avant garde hair reminds me of a temple with its gold wired embellished buns  that rise like a Stupa...  in the light of  dawn.  This hair comes with a color changing hud and is compatible with mesh and non mesh heads.

Swank Exclusives

Buddha Set -  3-D Designs - Ruins of Tara
Hair - {Letituier} Taema

Gown -  Isa d'Orable (new stuff @ Swank - this @ Main)

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