Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mr. X get ready to Samba in Jumo! MVW Uruguay

I have often told Mr. X that I like bright warm colors... yellows, oranges and reds... and the new exclusive by Jumo made for MVW representing Uruguay's Carnival outfit called Marissa, Spectre of the Sun is composed of yellow feathers with red and orange highlights and I  was immediately attracted to it..  It is spectacular... and fun to wear... you will feel as brilliant as the Sun itself.

Marissa is made for classic bodies but can also be worn with mesh bodies, I am wearing it with Lara. Mr. X tells me that Carnival in Uruguay is uniquely different to anywhere in the world. This colorful Carnival  starts in January and continues through March with tablados or nightly shows across Montevideo.  It is the longest Carnival in the world !

I love the elaborate  jeweled bottom and top of Marissa and the lavish feathers that flow in the breeze.  The crown is elegant and the back piece sparkles with sequin.  This is a beaded, feather, sequined spangled spectacular ensemble that even comes with jeweled sandals and a jeweled sun staff. Just like in RL, making this outfit must have been a labor of love because it oozes authentic detail.

I have paired this outfit with another new make-up release by Jumo called Doutzen eyeliner and lipsticks that is an exclusive @ the Skin Fair.  There are six eyeliners to choose from and 20 lipsticks mostly in the red/pink family.  This make -up is  made for classic and mesh heads: Lelutks, Catwa and Omega and can also be worn by bento heads.


Outfit: Jumo - Marissa, Spectre of the Sun

Lipstick and eyeliner - Jumo - Doutzen
Skin Fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Capodorso/230/26/24

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