Monday, March 13, 2017

Mr. X and Dora *new* Ghee & Emo-tions

Togata is a public garden perfect for quiet contemplation... and Dora the new dress by Ghee that is a feature @ Designer Showcase is perfect for a garden meander... because to me it is an instant classic. And, I see the Goddess Bastet...  the Egyptian  Goddess of  Cats....what could be better than that MEOW! This  wrap around makes me feel  sexy! Bastet, like Mr. X thinks that  Dora is the "cat's meow" because it is a modern take on a fab classic  wrap dress that is  synonymous with a Connecticut girl like me, Diane Von Furstenberg.

The origin of the dress dates to the 1930s Mr. X loves that  when designer Charles James took the fashion world by storm with  dresses like the  wrap around -- at that time that verged on Obscene !  Oh La La.  The original concept of this dress was a sheath that "spiraled" around the body clasped @ the waist...  Ghee updates it with a  lavish bow that has a color changing hud.

Dora by Ghee comes with fab  wedge sandals with a color changing hud that matches this classic dress...  Von Furstenberg noted, "I made easy little dresses.. not  necessarily a silhouette  she perfected it and so has Ghee... with this collared  mid sleeve dress that wraps around your  torso... Proper and yet -- seductive. Mr. X is on his knees and I  like that !

Dora Dress and Strapped Wedges for Maitreya  Exclusive @ Designer Showcase

Hair - Emo-tions - Mirella - Blonde Hud

Garden Sim

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