Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mr. X Evoking - the Golden Age of Hollywood @ Swank! GW, Vips Creation, !Lyrical B!zzare and Emotions

I told Mr. X there is something so opulently ravishing about red and gold... I like Rococo!  And, this splendid gilded couch is a beauty ~GW~  called Rococo sofa Red.  It  has a lavish gold finish, symmetrical scrolls and curved French styled legs.  The trees, flowers in a vase and chandelier  by ~GW~   is also available @ swank.   All are   fit for a palace... or formal room although I have placed it on my outdoor deck... to make it more interesting and opulent --- naturally !

The couch is finished with tufted velvet red upholstery and is embellished with roses and comes with a variety of poses  for men and women.  Best of all, you can copy it to your heart's delight.  All the pieces shown are available @ March Swank that ends March 31.

The Rococo style was born in France in 1715 with the death of Louis XIV when furniture design became looser than the furniture designed during the strict, formal and austere Baroque era. Rococo was seen as optimistic, light, feminine and exuberant with it's shell, plant and flower motifs.   Rococo furniture was replaced by Neo-Classic furniture with the exploration of Egypt in the 1820s.  By the 1840s the fluid lines of Rococo became popular again in the revival style and became one of the dominant furniture designs of the Victorian era that lasted well into the 1870s.

Because I was feeling utterly "rococo" I decided to include this splendid golden gown by [Vips Creations] it's sequins gleam and glitter  making this gown stunning!  It compliments your unique shape in all the right places and is made for all mesh bodies. Best of all, it is also available at the March Swank event... and it will make you feel like a Hollywood Star.This gown by  [Vips Creations]   is superbly couture -- especially because the back of this gown has a deep long low V cut to the waistline with shimmering satin finish straps that match the sweet and sexy bow perfectly --- it  is sure to put you on the "best dressed list" around the grid.

I have paired this gorgeous gown with the *new* release by !Lyrical B!zarre called Asema Necklace, armlets, bracelets and  a belt.   I love the finely wrought onyx disks inlaid with tribal gold and silver designs and artfully strung together on 24 Kt. gold handmade  link chains.  The hair is a new  design  by Emo-tions called Janne - it is a go to hair.

Furniture - Exclusives @ Swank  - Set [GW] - rococo red sofa, chandelier, red roses in vase
Gown - [Vips Creations] Female Gown
Jewelry - !Lyrical B!zzare Asema

!Lyrical B!zzare

Hair - Emo-tions  Janne

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