Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mr. X & Vianney- ::ALter, EED Homes & Gardens, L.A. BoS, Letitiuier,Kaya's Ray of Sunshine @ Swank

I told Mr. X I had a surprise for him... if you promise not to tell him.... I will share my idea... I want to create a timelessly stylish space for Valentine's Day --- a place that is classically contemporary... a place to capture magical moments together... but nothing to "gushy" !!!  With this in mind, I searched the grid and ended up at Swank. I found a perfect setting by EED Home and Garden that I am sure will set the "mood" for romance. Each piece is sold individually so  you can pick and choose according to your needs... but oh they look so good together !
I love the fireplace  with its fancy fire screen and blazing fire, best of all it is only  4 prims... unbelievable!  The  Valentine's Day wreath embellished with roses looks fab over the fireplace and again is only  4 prims. I placed two plants on either side of the fireplace for a little greenery and to  bring more red into the room, each plant is only 2 prims.  One of my favorite pieces is the opulent heart sculpture on the wall  is only 6 prims the detail is beautiful -- it is eye catching and really helps to tie the room together.  On the mantel of the fireplace, I used two finds from Swank, the K Soft Valentine Candle 2  and Valentine Day's Heart that comes in  9 colors by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine.

This Valentine's Day love seat called Valentine's  Day Romance in Red by EED also an exclusive at Swank is just what I was looking for.  I love the sinuous metal curves of the love seat with silk velvet red pillow cushions, floral throw and decorative floral pillows.  The detail is amazing  on the base of the seat with its floral rosettes and graceful French legs.   The couch comes with poses for couples (8) and for singles(3) it is easy to adjust and is only 8 prims.

Of course, this would not be complete without a sexy Valentine's Day Dress... and I found a skin tight square neckline sheath dress  by ::Alter called Vianney and this dress comes loaded!  It is made for classic mesh bodies as well as for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza bodies.  It also comes with shoes for slink high feet and maitreya (worn)... they are black and red and can be used with so many other looks.  They are so stylish.

Vianney also comes with a complete set of matching jewelry. I love the rubies set in gold and this set is perfect.... not too big and not too small... I especially like the dazzling dangling earrings.... I have paired this outfit with another Swank exclusive by Letitiuier  called Angel Hair that is in an updated bob look -- I am wearing it with a mesh head and it fits beautifully... so you can easily wear it with a regular or mesh head with no worries. The poses are Bag It by L.A. BoS - a Swank exclusive as well!

Swank Exclusives -

Furniture - EED - Fireplace, rug, plants, loveseat, heart shaped poofer, Valentine's Day wreath, Heart Sculpture

Kaya's Ray of Sunshine - candle on fireplace and Valentine's Day Love Sign

Hair - Letitiuier - Angel Hair - Light Blonde

Dress and Jewelry and Shoes - ::Alter called Vianney

Poses - L.A. BoS - Bag It

House - LA GALLERIA - Wildflower Cabin

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