Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mr. X and the Dark Bride by Jumo @ Bloody Valentine Bride @ Scala

Valentine's Day has been  a favorite date to get married... especially for hopeless romantics.  Now in its second year, Scala has organized the  My Bloody Valentine event  runs through Feb. 17.  Jumo is a sponsor and has created a gown called Dark Bride  and it comes in two versions that is included in one package both versions are perfect for a "dark wedding"!

Dark Bride is made for mesh bodies and comes in five sizes.  The flexi prims add  touch of flowing elegance that will make you float down the aisle!  The texture of  this gown is intricate and beautiful and is embellished with a swirling floral print and birds giving it a sorta dark asian vibe.  The first version is called  Cabernet.
The second version of Dark Bride is called "bloody" -- it is embellished with blood splatters all over the gown... it is perfect for vampires --- or those that love the darker side of Goth.

Dark Bride also comes with a long red veil, elegant floral headpiece that adds just a touch of light and drop pearl earrings.  I told Mr. X when wearing this that my kisses are as icy as  a glacier and that my caresses are like a snake gliding through the rough brush ready to strike and draw "blood".

Dark Bride - Cabernet and Bloody by Jumo - @ Scala Bloody Valentine
Scala  LM  for Event -

Hair - Emo-tions - Dreamworld Red 

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