Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mr. X and Miranda- Jumo @ The Instruments plus new lipstick and poses

Mr. X can you get here  by ferry or small plane and please hurry... it is still unspoiled... Sighs, sometimes it is our imagination that gets us there...and because I am blue, I will dream in all shades of this fabulous color... as I think of your gorgeous blue eyes and how they gaze at me... my beloved Mr. X.

I am wearing a mermaid styled gown in red by Jumo called Miranda that is an exclusive at the Instruments and available there through April 25.  It comes in many colors and is mesh in 5 sizes and made for classic bodies.  I  love the rich jewel floral embossing on this gown that looks like a fine satin brocade; Mr. X is entranced by the way the mermaid hemline flows and glimmers in the blue.

Like all of Jumo's outfits this one comes with gorgeous matching jewelry-  a pearl choker with a floral clasp (so classy), a matching pearl and floral bracelet and ring and even two floral head pins that look fabulous with the hair I found at The Instruments by {Letituier} called Daisy.  This hair also comes with two flowers that can be worn.  I am also wearing the new lipstick from October 4 Seasons called Urban Matte that features 10 fabulous envogue colors that range from very pale pink to the deep dark sapphire

 So Mr. X...give yourself up to me in the blue ---  let's take in the moonrise and the star studded sky... see how the moon as it sparkles on the west shore... you will  swear I was born Father Neptune's Daughter...  

Exclusives @ The Instruments
Gown - Jumo - Miranda
Hair - {Letituier} - Daisy

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* - Catalina Lily
Lipstick - October 4 Seasons - *new*  Urban Matte
Eyeshadow - October 4Seasons - Delicious

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS


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