Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mr. X and the band of gypsies! - Folkorica and IO & LA BoS

There is something wonderful about the  freedom of a gypsy... Mr. X and I found the most fabulous wagon called Gypsy Vardo by Folklorica at the Fair Play event via MFGC --  and we  just had to have it to live out our bohemian fantasy --- Mr. X tells me all the time he is a wanna be hippie!  Best of all Vardo comes loaded with tons of fun accessories and is simply beautifully done both inside and out.  It has a land impact of 28 prims.

On the outside this sweet gypsy wagon has a gorgeous front porch colorfully painted and enhanced with cascades of flowers... in my two favorite colors... pink and yellow.  The sides of the wagon is also colorfully painted with ancient symbols sure to get the attention of all things that can't quite be explained....This specially-textured set is designed to be multipurpose - for either medieval, gorean roleplay, home or whatever you can imagine. As such, the creators have even included a crystal ball and tarot cards as unlinked accessories for you to use.  We think this set has the added bonus of being pretty as well as fun and that it will look good in a garden or wooded setting.

Inside you will find  all the necessary items for alchemical fun from a medicine cabinet loaded with bottles to an intricately stenciled table and two chair set replete with a crystal ball.  A mirror on the wall adds the perfect touch.

The bed has adult and pg animations and is  beautifully made with an Indian styled wall hanging made of old sari remnants and delicately patterned semi transparent and absolutely luscious -- pink curtains that seem to float on the midnight wind.

This  wagon would not be complete without the shaman's workbench... I asked  Mr. X to get going with that and bubble up some mischief!

I am wearing another find at MFGC called Dormish by *IO*.  This outfit comes with pants and a top in  red, brown or black, a highly detailed pair of boots, and a fabulous coat that has a color changing hud so you can mix and match this look to  your heart's desire.  This outfit is made for classic bodies as well as for mesh bodies by belleza, maitreya and slink.
The back of this coat is as gorgeous and detailed as the front of it and is so versatile -- that it can be worn with many different looks.


Structure - Gypsy Vardo by Folklorica
Main Store -

Outfit - Dormish by *IO* (Independent Objects)
Main Store -

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Lily

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS


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