Monday, January 25, 2016

Mr. X and the Night - *new* October 4 Seasons and Jumo

We are in the Dark Of The Moon.  Secrets can be revealed. Veils can be raised. Mystical experiences can be realized. Psychic journeys can be undertaken. Wearing the new pantsuit called Zodiac by Jumo  and the new skin, Auburn Guiselle by October 4 Seasons makes me want to dance up a storm  under the sacred crescent moon...that is beginning to brighten the horizon...setting  fire to the night.

Mr. X told me under the pearl nascent moonlight that shines like an opal that ancestors can be contacted. The departed can be more vividly remembered. Truths can be told. Passions can be inflamed. Sensitivities can be awakened and exploited. Answers to questions can be attained. Visions of the future can be given. Ailments can be diagnosed and, in some cases, cured. 

I see now that pixies and hobbits, fairies and elves can be revealed. Spells can be more successfully cast when entranced with the power of the moon. Charms can be better worked...when dreaming the the never ending tomorrows with my beloved Mr. X.........


Pantsuit - *New* - Zodiac - Jumo

Skin - *New* - October 4 Seasons - Guiselle in Auburn... with 5 make-ups plus a natural make up and all body appliers for major brands -- it is YUMMY

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