Friday, January 22, 2016

Mr. X and Mary Kate... *NEW* JUMO

I am as ancient as the wind and as wise at the moon...I am wearing my namesake talisman...a moonstone that holds the power of mystery. Only within its reflected light can one begin to understand what it is and, more importantly, what  I have to teach you.  Only a moonstone will lead you on an inner journey where you will discover parts of your soul that you have forgotten. I hold the key.

I am wearing the empowering gothic styled mermaid gown called Mary Kate by Jumo that shimmers with seductive sequins and radiates power that will be featured at Feroush Fashion Show.  The dress is available at the main store and on marketplace as well as at the Feroush Fashion Show. This is just one of many dresses that Jumo is releasing for this event.

I love the fact that the Mary Kate gown comes loaded with beautiful moonstone jewelry set in gothic style leather cuffs. Two opulent bracelets, two rings, earrings and a cross necklace along with a gorgeous black fur stole complete the look...

Gown - Jumo - MaryKate - Exclusive for Feroush Fashion Show

Skin - Angelina Milk - October 4 Season Skins

Hair MT - Dragoness

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