Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strict and Mannered in the Red Room Heart Homes and Violator's Bad Girls!

50 Shades of Grey is an international sensation.  Mr. X told me that one of the most iconic settings in the  50 Shades of Grey universe is the "Red Room of Pain," also referred to as simply the Red Room.  Heart Homes has been busy creating this iconic setting for you make your own fantasies come true -- in SL at least.  
Heart Homes Red Room is an exclusive at Cosmopolitan at 20% off. The first requirement of a Red Room is a lot of red furnishings and the furniture created by Heart Homes is loaded with red furnishings from the couch that offers a zillion options to the red bed. It also comes with many many shhhhh props!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Red Room if things were all comfy, you need to have some things to cause pain and of course you need some sorta restraints... a dear old friend of mine and I call these "sewing machines" but that is just a Sita private joke.... In any case all joking aside,   the red room comes loaded with all manner of props that will keep you amused for weeks... if you dare. The actual house is Shinto 1V

I dug deep into my inventory, not too deep as Violator is one of my favorites in SL and decided to dress the part...I am wearing Strict and Mannered by, yes, Violator... need I say More?  Well I do,  Soraya  CEO of Violator has been busy RL with her jewelry line -- check it out it is amazing --- and get this at Violator in SL!  I think Soraya is the "original" badgirl...she knows what I mean!

“It’s just beyond this door . . . my playroom,” Christian tells Ana. “Like your X-box and stuff?” she innocently asks. Oh, Ana. So naive.

 Room Exclusive at Cosmopolitan - Heart Homes and Aphrodite Shop - The Red Room



Outfit - Violator  -Strict and Mannered (#badgirls)  

Skin -  Jewel - Blossom -

House- Shinto IV

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  1. I love it sita....your are rocking my fashion senses sis